Smarter Vendor Selection

The end-to-end RFP management solution for writing RFPs, gathering proposals, and evaluating vendor capabilities.

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An easier way to manage your vendor selection process



Bring your team together on a single version.



Control access for your clients, team, and vendors.



Your critical information is transmitted and stored securely.

Support fact-based, timely decision-making

Author RFPs

Our centralized process means your team can author quickly, leveraging a library of approved RFP templates. Forget about conflicting Word versions.

Work together

Engage stakeholders around the same version. Bring in as many writers and approvers as you need.

Maintain standards

Establish and control templates for different types of procurement projects.


Gather proposals

Engage vendors, track progress, and manage communication directly through the application. Customize response types so you get the exact information you’re looking for.

Engage respondents

Invite respondents and track their progress. Communicate in context of the RFP or RFI event. Learn more.

Empower quality

Get the best results from your vendors by giving them tools to craft effective responses quickly.


Score proposals

With your evaluation team, score responses online, side-by-side. No more wading through endless binders or digging for specific answers.

Evaluate responses

Using your weighted scoring configurations, see how vendors compare in aggregate and across each section.

Track scorer tasks

You specify which scorers evaluate what sections. See their progress and notes in real-time.

Learn how to do RFP weighted scoring [free eBook]


Select vendors

Vendors aren't just suppliers, they're partners. Get the facts to support your critical decisions. You can even see a history of RFP engagement by vendor.

Analyze trends

Compare vendor responses to similar questions over time. Rebid key contracts regularly. 

Provide feedback

After your RFP responses are scored, you can provide detailed feedback to your responding vendors. 


Stay informed 

Vendor Profiles are key to vendor management. You can query responses anytime. Don't use old data to make key decisions.

Maintain intelligence

Keep abreast of the changing marketplace by letting your vendors tell you when their capabilities change.

Short-list vendors

Compare related vendors side-by-side. With updated capabilities, your subsequent RFPs can be short and targeted.


It's radically different from the old way of doing things and infinitely better!


Sean Poccia

Daedal Consulting

President and Principal Consultant

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