Better Proposals. Faster.

Stop reinventing the wheel with each RFP. Create your proposals quickly by instantly searching and reusing past responses.

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Improve effectiveness with RFP Response Software



Invite your team to work together on the same version.



Access your content from anywhere, anytime.



Your critical information is transmitted and stored securely.

You deserve efficient Proposal Management

Work together

You have one goal: winning. RFP responses aren't made in silos, so keep your team on the same page. No more merging documents the night before a big deadline.


Every writer works from the same version. Bring in as many writers and approvers as you need.


Message with team members in context. The revision history shows who made what changes.


Access knowledge

Don't compromise security for accessibility. We make it easy to centralize and control your critical knowledge.

Centralize knowledge

Subject matter experts contribute and manage content in a central Knowledge Base.

Control access

Partition your knowledge across product lines, divisions, etc. Set permissions for your users based on their needs.


Manage tasks

Real-time visibility to progress means you can check completion by resource anytime. No meetings needed. Don't let deadlines sneak up.

Track tasks

Assign each section or question to your writers & approvers. Maintain accountability of every response.

Monitor progress

Check progress through simple graphs. Email notifications and reminders keep your team focused and moving forward.


Leverage past responses

Search, select, edit. If you’re spending more than a few seconds looking for content, you’re not working as productively as you could be.

Search knowledge

Instantly search your Knowledge Base. Our search engine enables you to find and reuse relevant past responses.

Target content

Start with a standard response, then modify for your client's situation. Less search time means more focus on content.


Analyze your process

See who works on each proposal and how much time they spend. Get insight into your proposal-writing process.

Manage resources

Look at your time spent, time saved, and compare to your wins/losses.

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The software is very affordable, and based on its capabilities, it's the best tool on the market.


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